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DJI Osmo Oscillation with Litchi app SOLVED!!

I recently purchased the DJI Osmo to test out and use for video and timelapse production. I was disappointed that the DJI Go app timelapse feature did not take advantage of the pan and tilt with the gimbal to create great looking panning timelapse sequences. Then I learned about Litchi who have created apps for DJI drones and the DJI Osmo and I was pleasantly surprised at some of the great features on both the applications. The Litchi app...
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Hyperlapse by Instagram

I’m currently experimenting with the new Instagram app called hyperlapse. It’s an interesting app that takes the complexity out of creating a time-lapse and takes care if all the thinking for you in the background. The app keeps it simple and opens with the camera open giving you the immediate option to start recording. No complicated options settings to ruffle through prior to starting recording. Once you start recording the screen shows you the camera view of what you are...
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